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Lease Returns



Lease Return Staff
Our trained on site freight coordinator schedule pickups for removals and repossessions for off leased equipment.

Professional and Efficient Pick Up Service
Tas & Task International LLC specializes in the safe transport of electronic goods. We offer pick-up service via Specializing off-lease logistics services trucks. Our pick up service includes complete handling of the equipment, freight from your location to our receiving center, as well as full coverage insurance. Absolutely no packaging or disassembly is required on your part. Additional freight charges may be required for any special needs that you may have. Our freight rates are extremely competitive and in many cases are well below other carriers. If we can be of any assistance in returning your off lease equipment, please call our Lease Return Department at 1-888-771-2576.

Lease Return Conditions and Disclaimers
When shipping for your lease return is arranged on our Tas & Task International LLC, your equipment will be visually inspected for any obvious physical damage prior to loading on truck. Please be aware that Tas & Task International LLC has no knowledge of the operational internal condition of the equipment at the time of pickup. Any physical damage occurring during shipment on our trucks is considered our responsibility and is insured.

Your equipment is reported to the leasing company as "returned" when it is offloaded at our facility, not when it is loaded onto the truck. A complete audit of your equipment is performed within three (3) business days of receipt at our facility. If you are concerned about the operational condition of your equipment or would like to know the results of the equipment audit, please contact the lease return department.

Freight Claims
Task International LLC will assist customers in making a freight claim under the following circumstances. For common carrier or van line shipments that have been pre-paid by the customer and the freight has been arranged by Tas & Task International LLC. The customer should inspect the equipment at the time of delivery and document physical damage on the bill of lading, and then notifies Tas & Task International LLC immediately upon receipt of damaged equipment, preferably while the freight carrier is at their location, so that we can offer immediate assistance.

Arranging shipping yourself
Please follow the regarding return instructions given by your leasing company, if you choose to manage the freight yourself. Failure to comply could result in the refusal of your shipment. A copy of the original return letter given by the leasing company is required on the outside of each machine and/or box which verifies that the serial number listed on the paperwork match the machine(s), so that we can appropriately avail the return of your off leased machine to the leasing company.

Receiving Hours
Receiving hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday. If any question then please call our receiving department at 1(203)859-5152.

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